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Azury Communications

Head Pranjal Bordoloy CEO
Head Office 1st Floor, Tarukamala Bhawan, Jaswanta Road, Panbazar
City Guwahati - 781001 India
Tel/Fax/email Mobile: +9199540-65065, +91-73992-77156
Fax: +91-361-2608695
Services Activation, Corporate Events, Corporate & adv films


  • Guwahati
  • New Delhi


Branch Head:U. Mahanta

Address:1st Floor, Tarukamala Bhawan
Jaswanta Road, Panbazar

City: Guwahati - 781001
Assam, India

Mobile:+91-9954065065, 9954496734, 9864192224

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New Delhi

Branch Head:M. Sinha

Address:2ND Floor, 3A
Begampur Park, Main Shivalik Road
Malviya Nagar

City: New Delhi - 110017, India

Mobile:+91-9711602201, 9811599320

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